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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  May 9, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. it's very likely this will be south korea's new president. translation: i will be a president that also serves all the people who did not support me. he wants better relations with north korea and has promised radical domestic reform. what else will victory look like? we'll look at what else mr moon's victory will mean for seoul, pyongyang and washington. french politics continues to get shaken up. former prime minister says he's jumping ship tojoin emmanuel macron‘s new party. translation: this socialist party is dead. it's behind us, not its history and its values, but it has to move on. this is a video of the bbc‘s media editor trying to ask rupert murdoch about recent controversies at fox news. i'll play you that in full. and in outside source sport, the very latest on the second leg of the champions league semifinal.
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as you know, emmanuel macron will be the next president of france. francois hollande represents the socialist party. but if you want a measure how things are getting for the socialists — have a listen to the former french prime minister manuel valls on french radio. translation: this socialist party is dead. it is behind us, not its history and values, but it has to move on. at times others, one has to be capable of moving on. forget the bitterness and personal issues. something interests me above all others, it is france, the republic and the success of the presidency. i am not forgetting the fight against the far right will continue and eve i’yo ne the far right will continue and everyone needs to be vigilant in the parliamentary elections. often political defections are carefully choreographed. not in this case. officials from emmanuel macron‘s party say mr valls hasn't even formally put his name forward yet. here's one saying,
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"he should have applied like everyone else because the rules are the same for everyone. if you don't put your name forward you can't be selected. he's got 2a hours." you imagine that's a deadline he'll hit. bbc reporter olivier verbier told me why it matters. it is significant, what it shows is how much the political landscape has changed in france. imagine, a year ago, he was prime minister, emmanuel macron was one of his ministers will stop you would have imagined a year later the situation we have today with macron as president. valls is to grovel to be part of the new movement, the new coalition, but it it isa movement, the new coalition, but it it is a significant catch for the movement, i believe. now emmanuel macron wants to govern, he needs a governing majority, and he will need
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to steal m ps governing majority, and he will need to steal mps from the left, the right and the centre. he need to voters like macron. even though the reaction, you can see it. it isn't switching sides because one party is doing better than another? there is a lot of that. i am sure in my new world valls wants to be involved in running france and to do that with emmanuel macron is the best way. he won't be the only socialist. other socialists will join. emmanuel macron will announce his government on monday. we don't know if valls will be in that government, it is a possible achieve. but probably he wa nts to possible achieve. but probably he wants to help things as an mp in parliament. let's not forget, there are important pollen tree elections coming up. this is vitalfor emotional macron, because without a strong showing in parliament, it is ha rd to
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strong showing in parliament, it is hard to get stuff done. exactly. don't forget, macron has no party. he has to start everything from scratch. on thursday, his movement will feel 500 candidates that will run for will feel 500 candidates that will runformp. he will feel 500 candidates that will run for mp. he needs a majority in parliament for his movement. he will need parties on the left and right, like a coalition. 21st century fox in a huge us media company. it full ownership of the british broadcaster sky. this is dr wendy walsh. she says she was harassed and discriminated by bill o'reilly, who until very recently was the biggest name on fox news, which is owned by 21st century fox. and dr walsh and her lawyer have been in london to give evidence at an hearing of the uk media regulator ofcom that's looking at the proposed sky deal. the head of 21st century fox is rupert murdoch. he declined interview requests from the bbc, so our media editor amol rajan
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decided to go to new york to take a more direct approach. this is what happened. you can find a blog post about that encounter on the bbc news app right now. and this is wendy walsh along with her lawyer talking to the bbc. every chance, since 2004, the murdochs have had an opportunity to comply with the law, respecting women's rights, respecting the rights of people of colour, or standing by a profitable man that makes money, they have chosen the latter. even the latest statement you showed us, it is a real slap in the face to wendy walsh and all the other women and the african—american employees that say they have a toxic culture at work. that is appalling, to say that all he cares about is ratings. high ratings means nothing else matters. the people of the uk value women's rights, that is why we are here. if you follow amel rajan
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on twitter, he updates us on that process. times are the sport. big game between monaco and juventus, champions league semifinal second leg. nick marshall—mccormack is live for us, last time i looked, it was done and dusted. ifi and dusted. if i had and dusted. ifihada and dusted. if i had a whistle, i would blow it for you now because it is done, 4—1 to juventus on for you now because it is done, 4—1 tojuventus on the night. sorry, on aggregate. 2—i tojuventus on the night. sorry, on aggregate. 2—1 on the night. this has been a brilliant performance from juventus. monaco came in with hope and confidence to pull off a monumental upset, but it wasn't to be. let me take you through the highlights of the night. special mention to the goalkeeper, the saves he pulled off to keepjuventus out.
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in the end, he didn't succeed. that was mario mandzukic getting the first goal. followed up with a thriller from first goal. followed up with a thrillerfrom dani first goal. followed up with a thriller from dani alves. first goal. followed up with a thrillerfrom dani alves. the goalkeeper punching away the corner, and dani alves smashing in from 30 metres out. a goal to save some pride for monaco, but they were definitely schools byjuventus. juventus will go to the championship final in cardiff on the 3rd ofjune. who will they play? it is obviously going to be one of the madrid sides. can going to be one of the madrid sides. ca n atletico going to be one of the madrid sides. can atletico pull off a comeback tomorrow night? real madrid 3—1 up at the calderon stadium. we are a king at this stage at real madrid and juventus. they are not going to come back, thatis they are not going to come back, that is done and dusted, thank you! nick live for us there. fifa's secretary general wants action taken against
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italian football authorities over their treatment of ghanaian footballer sulley muntari. we covered this yesterday, muntari was given a one week ban after he left the field in protest over racial abuse he was receiving. the ban was eventually lifted. here's fifa's fatma samoura speaking to the bbc. my personal view does not matter. what matters is that the disciplinary committee has to act. and the sooner, the better. i have my personalfeelings on anybody that is treated like he has been treated on the pitch, and off the pitch. but i'm not here for my personal matters. i'm here to make sure that fifa takes through the committee the appropriate action for any single discriminatory action. that story is not going anywhere. this is what chris froome's bike looke dlike after he was hit
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in the south of france. he put this picture on twitter telling us: "just got rammed on purpose by an impatient driver who followed me onto the pavement! thankfully, i'm okay. bike totaled. driver kept going!" he's training for the tour de france, he's won the last two. this year's starts onjuly ist. dick advocaat has been named the manager of the netherlands national football team. he isa he is a seasoned manager that has beenin he is a seasoned manager that has been in charge of many teens. he's got work to do, the team failed to qualify for last year's euros. already six points adrift of france in its world cup qualifying group. we will keep you posted on that. stay with us on outside source. still to come: this is the russians celebrating victory day, we will tell you what thatis victory day, we will tell you what that is about. plus, controversy surrounding the eurovision song contest. the former royal marine,
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who was jailed for killing a wounded taliban fighter in afghanistan, has given his first broadcast interview since being freed last month. alexander blackman, who was also known as marine a, said he still doesn't know why he opened fire and called it a ‘moment of madness'. he's been speaking to our correspondent clinton rogers. i don't know what exactly i did it, it is still a moment of madness, that's the best description i can give. yeah, not exactly the proudest moment of my life. in the last three years, much has been said about alexander blackman. today, his wife alongside him, he was having his say on a decision in the heat of battle that led to a murder charge. his actions captured on helmet camera. if you look at that video,
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it would seem plain to everyone that you knew what you were doing. it's a five—minute section of an incident that took well over an hour. and to be fair, you can put quite a few different spins on what's said. and unless you actually there, you don't know what happened. obviously, i told my version of events when i was agile. hindsight is a wonderful thing, and given especially what has happened to us in our life, if you could go back and change things, you would. if you had a time machine and could go back and do things differently, he absolutely would. blackman's conviction for murder led to protests. his wife clare led the campaign for his release. but her husband had
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offered her the chance to walk away from their marriage. i said, if she didn't want to stick around, or wanted to part company, at that point, or at any point throughout the process, it is something i would understand, and i would sort of wish her well for the rest of her life. you were basically offering her the chance to walk away? yes. never crossed my mind. never once. i wouldn't have done anything differently. i know sometimes people said to me, "how are you doing this? how do you keep going?" i didn't really have an answer. but it wasn't an option to do anything else. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is: the liberal human rights lawyer moonjae—in has claimed victory in south korea's presidential election. mr moon has called for co—operation with north korea and questioned the deployment of a us missile defence system. next to indonesia.
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this is jakarta's outgoing governor. he's christian, and today he begins a two year prison sentence for blasphemy against islam and inciting violence. onejudgejustified the sentence, saying that "the defendant did not feel guilt, the defendant's act has caused anxiety and hurt muslims". we'll get to what exactly he did in a moment. first, these are pictures from today. these are hard—line islamic groups celebrating what's happened. these are the governor's supporters been protesting outside the prison where he's being held. isaidi i said i would explain exactly what the governor is said to have done. here's a report from rebecca henschke. a panel ofjudges a panel of judges found a panel ofjudges found the jakarta governor conducted a criminal act of
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blasphemy when referring to a verse of the koran in a campaign speech. a divisive verdict. the crowd of thousands out here who were calling for him to be jailed, and for many, hoping that he would receive a heavier sentence, there is a sense of disappointment. translation: we are not happy. we do not feel satisfied with the punishment ofjust not feel satisfied with the punishment of just two not feel satisfied with the punishment ofjust two years in jail. he should have got the maximum of five years, or better still, be headed. this man, though, insists the movement is peaceful, tell the world that we are not radicals, he insists, we are doing this to protect our faith. supporters of the governor are getting ready to head to the prison where he has been taken after he was
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found guilty. the atmosphere here is one of devastation and anger. many people have been crying openly, and they say that this decision is unjust, and that a good man who was doing a good job in government has been brought down by his political opponents. translation: i'm devastated, very sad. i will keep fighting for him until my last drop of blood. i'm a muslim. i don't know him but he was such a good leader, his policies helped me send my children to school. the case has been seen as a test indonesia's multi—faith and peerless society. rights groups here are worried about the signal today's verdict will send. i think this is mostly because of political pressure, and also, pressure of the
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mob. it is a vote for freedom of speech in indonesia, and freedom of expression is the cornerstone of democracy. i think this is a very sad day for democracy. here's yves daccord, the director general of the international committee of the red cross, talking about the humanitarian tragedy in the mediterranean which he says "continues unabated, with record numbers of migrant deaths so far this year". aid agencies say up to 250 people have drowned in the med after two boats sank over the last few days the bbc‘s reeta chakrabarti has been on a rescue boat that's docked in southern italy. this is the report that rita filed. a new day and perhaps a new life, after days on the deck of the rescue
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ship, this is the first glimpse of europe for people that left the shores of libya unsure whether they would survive to see this. crossing continents felt like they're only hope. this young nigerian man said he worked in libya as a welder until his foot was blown off by alex dowsett. he preferred not to give his name. nobody has a choice. this water i am going to cross... he said he couldn't return home because of boko haram. now first off the ship, he is helped to safety. onshore, there is chocolate and panettone for breakfast. as people are checked and processed, a warm welcome, italian style. many looked dazed. the contrast from what they have come from is stopped.
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this boy said libya was particularly dangerous for people who are black. he said, libyans don't like black africans. he said, we were all picked up and taken to prison. what crime he committed, i ask. nothing, idid crime he committed, i ask. nothing, i did nothing. this is the end of a long sea journey. the injured came out first, then women and children. now the rest. they arrive in europe where attitude a hardening against them. the future for many is uncertain. another journey has the future for many is uncertain. anotherjourney has started. they may have reached their longed for goal, but a mission here in europe and acceptance might still eludes them. there is background on the migrant crisis and those that travel from africa to southern europe available on the bbc news website. this is red square earlier. russia's celebrating
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victory day which marks the soviet union's defeat of nazi germany. president putin was in attendance. next door in ukraine, a similar allbeit smaller event isa is a very heavy police presence in kiev today. that is because on the other side of this police cordoned, a world war ii veteran had come out to mark soviet victory day. many parts of the former ussr celebrate today, the great patriotic war. but there is heavy security. up the road, there are ukrainian ultranationalists that threatened to disrupt this march. they have hurled abuse already. lots of police and soldiers were out to prevent any clashes. as the veterans marched down the
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road, they are shouting, "fascism will never win."just as road, they are shouting, "fascism will never win." just as they pass the ultranationalists, will never win." just as they pass the ultra nationalists, at will never win." just as they pass the ultranationalists, at the side of the road. there are people in balaclavas in that building throwing objects out the window at the veterans as they pass by. but thick clouds of black smoke where things have been thrown out of the window... the crowd has i'iow out of the window... the crowd has now made its way down the road through a park and up to the glory monument to lay flowers. and waiting for them here are more people shouting alternation list slogans.
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they have also been shouting, "disgrace, disgrace. please quote the crowd have responded by saying fascism will not win. ukraine is hosting the eurovision song contest, and wants to use that event to portray the image of the country as modern, tolerant and to show that the soviet past has remained in the past. but the past is still very much part of the present. history doesn't disappear so quickly, and there remains divisions about the country's history. and you feel that in kiev today. relations between ukraine and russia terrible, in part because of russia support for separatist rebels in ukraine. also, in part because of the annexation of crimea. this is impacting on the eurovision song contest. the semifinals of which are under way in kiev. this is yulia samoilova.
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she's russia's entry but she's performed in crimea, and so has been banned. steve rosenburg's spoken to her. if you are a revision fan, the first semifinal is on in the uk right now on bbc four. —— a eurovision fan. we don't have live coverage of it here on bbc world news. a significant announcement with regards to syria. let's look at the newswi re regards to syria. let's look at the newswire coming into the newsroom. the pentagon confirming arms will be given to kurds in syria, trying to reassure turkey, because the turkish governor has concerns about kurdish forces. it says, the americans say they will protect their nato ally.
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the americans justified this in terms of the push to seize wrapper. —— raqa. the americans think by handing over this equipment, they will help the fall of raqa. they also say they hope to get the equipment back after it has been used. but we will have two cf that comes to pass. that's all we have time to. let's see if the weather will be kind to us in the next few days. it has been in the last couple of days. here is monday's satellite picture. beautiful weather across so many western parts of the uk, but stubborn cloud and chilly conditions in the east. a very similar picture on tuesday. again, thick cloud further east. beautiful weather across the rest of the uk. the area
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of cloud shrinking, meaning wednesday looks sunny all—round, almost. there will be a bit of rain in the far north of the country, across or klee and —— orkney and shetland. for the rest of the uk, it looks stunning. starting with scotland, a big temperature contrast, 7 degrees, other parts of scotla nd contrast, 7 degrees, other parts of scotland in the mid—teens. beautiful weather for belfast, temperatures through yorkshire on wednesday in the mid—or high teens. similar weather across the south of the uk. on the south coast, the channel coastline, some gloriously sunny weather on the way. very little change as we head through wednesday evening, if you are out in the evening, if you are out in the evening, no rain on the way, just a few spots there in the far north of scotland. but look at the blobs, in the early hours of thursday, we anticipate the weather to go downhill as we head into thursday. let's have a look at the weather map
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for thursday. weather fronts are approaching from the south—west. an area of low pressure across spain, portugal and france, lots of storms, humid weather. one weather front will approach us later on thursday. in the morning, showers across southern areas. but on the whole, thursday is looking mostly dry across the uk, still beautiful weather across northern areas. a different story on friday. we start to see humid, warm, fund reid, cloudy weather swinging in from the south—west from the iberian front. the humidity will be with us for a few days. humid air through the weekend and into next week, potentially, as well. temperatures rising, cloud around on friday, throughout the country. a possibility of thunderstorms and downpours, but to the far north across scotland, a bit fresher here around 10 degrees. this is much—needed rain for our gardens. the storms will be hit and miss.
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some areas will get a lot of rain in a short space of time, maybe even flash flooding. others won't get anything at all and you will have hazy sunshine. at the weekend, low pressure to the west of our neighbourhood, sending weather fronts and freshening winds out of the south—west. still mild and a muqqy the south—west. still mild and a muggy flow of air. the weekend looking changeable. there will be sunshine around and it is going to be pretty warm as well with the mild, south—westerly winds. early next week, if you were watching the weather ahead yesterday, the jet strea m weather ahead yesterday, the jet stream is still sending weather out of the south—west. this is a warm sauce, orair of the south—west. this is a warm sauce, or air pushing from the south—west to the uk. schematically, low pressure is riding the jet stream, bringing unsettled weather to northwestern areas. at the same time, scooping the warmth and humidity, sending it to the uk. next week, the summary is more unsettled. some rain in the north—west, but not all the time, and warmness of the
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weather will be across the south—west. that's it from me. thanks for watching. tonight at ten: jeremy corbyn lays the foundations of labour's election campaign with strong criticism of the wealthy elite. at the formal campaign launch in trafford, he warns that a labour government would change a system that was rigged for the rich. when labour wins, there'll be a reckoning for those who thought they could get away with asset stripping our industry, crashing our economy through their greed and ripping off workers and consumers. but later in the day,
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mr corbyn was accused of throwing labour's brexit policy into confusion. reporter: if you are prime minister we will leave, whatever happens? i don't know any more than you do exactly what is going to happen in the future on this. we'll have more from the interview where mr corbyn refuses to say
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